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Hot Water Systems Sydney

Sydney Hot Water Systems – As the leading provider of hot water systems in Sydney, we boast over two decades of experience, delivering top-notch services to both residences and commercial buildings.

Our team excels in installing and maintaining various hot water systems, including gas, electric, and solar options. With our expert hot water installation services, we offer effective and worry-free solutions tailored to your financial and lifestyle needs.

Rest assured, our team consists of experienced, qualified, and dedicated individuals committed to delivering exceptional results for every project. Your satisfaction is our guarantee.

We provide tankless water heater installation, repairs on existing hot water systems, hot water tank replacements, or hot water storage inspections.

Moreover, we facilitate the swift and straightforward process of purchasing gas water heaters that utilise natural gas or installing solar panels for solar hot water systems, which can make you eligible for government rebates.

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For reliable, temperature-controlled hot water that’s perfect for the whole family, you just can’t beat natural gas. Upgrade to a dedicated natural gas hot water system and claim $500 back (paid as rebate or cashback).
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Hot Water Installation

Hot water systems are a basic necessity of any home which is why it is very important to do a proper hot water installation. They can save you money on your energy bills, improve the comfort in your bathroom or kitchen and make it easier to maintain hygiene at home.

When installing an HWS, we consider many factors as the amount of hot water used varies between homes. Here are examples of things to consider when before doing a water heater installation.

The Best Hot Water Tanks in Sydney

If you’re looking for top-quality hot water tanks in Sydney, then we are your best choice for high-quality and efficient hot water tank services.

Our team of professionals is highly qualified and experienced in all aspects of hot water tank installation, repair, and maintenance.

We provide tankless hot water system installations, which are perfect for properties with spacing issues, our experts can diagnose and efficiently resolve heat loss and water heater leakage problems.

Also, we offer a wide range of hot water tank services at affordable prices.

Our professional technicians will help you select the ideal hot water tank that suits your needs perfectly, whether it’s a heat pump, hot water heater system, continuous flow system, gas-electric hot water system, or energy-efficient storage tank.

Count on us for seamless hot water system installations or replacements.

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Safety Standards for Hot Water Storage Temperature

The Australian Safety Standard requires keeping hot water storage systems at a temperature of at least 60°C to avoid the growth of bacteria that may pose risks to human health. Water at 60°Cs causes a painful burning sensation if touched for five seconds.

The best way to prevent such burns is to reduce the temperature of your hot water supply to about 50°C. You can fit a tempering or mixing valve into your hot water system. These valves automatically lower the temperature of the water before it reaches the taps. They also allow you to control how much cold water goes into the mix.

Early childhood centres, schools, nursing homes, and similar facilities with an average hot water delivery temperature of 45ºC are exempt from these guidelines.

Time taken for skin to receive a significant amount of damage from heat

Water (°C) Major burn-in
681 second
63less than 3 seconds
60less than 5 seconds
5430 seconds
495 minutes

Water temperature indicator guide

Tap Outlet Water Temperature Tap Indicator
Heated> 45°CH - Red
Warm38°C – 45°CW - Yellow
ColdNot heatedC - Blue

What size hot water heater tank do I need:

Number of people Tank Size
≤2 115-150L (30-40 gallons)
≤3150-190L (40-50 gallons)
≤4 90-230L (50-60 gallons)
≥5 230-300L (60-80 gallons)

As an example, if five people live in a house, then the amount of hot water needed is about 230-300L (60-80 gallons).

Popular Hot Water Systems

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Finding the Right Model For You?

You can read this blog if your already need water heater replacement. If you’re still having trouble finding what you need, please let us know by contacting us via email or calling us directly.

What is a hot water system?

Essentially, a hot water system (HWS) consists of a tank with an installed pump that circulates the hot water around the house. This means that every time you use a tap in your home, like your shower, kettle etc., the system pumps cold water from the mains through the pipes to heat up the water in the tank until it reaches the required temperature. Once it has reached its set point, the water flows back through the pipes to fill your taps.

There are different types of systems such as gas hot water systems, solar hot water systems, and electric hot water systems. Each of these types has different running costs and can be energy efficient. The only thing they are equal is when it comes to water heating. Because of their continuous flow system, there would be a continuous flow of hot water supply.

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