Rheem Electric Hot Water Systems

Rheem Electric Hot Water Systems

A name you can trust

Rheem Electric Hot Water Systems

Whatever your situation, Rheem has a water heater that’s ideal for you. Design and manufactured in accordance with Australian Standards, Rheem builds quality products trusted for reliable performance in all Australian conditions.

Rheem’s unmatched range of hot water heaters includes Solar, Heat pump, Instantaneous, 5 Star Gas Storage and conventional gas and electric hot water systems. Whether you need a compact, high efficiency hot water solution or are operating on a budget, there will be something in the Rheem range to suite.

Every Rheem product is backed by a comprehensive warranty and over 60 years experience in manufacturing water heaters in Australia.

Things to consider when selecting Rheem Electric Hot Water Systems

  • Purchase/Installation costs

    Electric water heaters are a relatively in expensive solution to your hot water needs if you are replacing an existing water heater a “like for like” replacement also tends to reduceinstallation costs.

  • Running Costs
    These will be based on your household usage and your electricity settings. For example, whether you are on off peak or reduced tariff electricity, generally electric water heaters will cost more to run than natural gas or solar systems, off setting the relatively low purchase andinstallation costs.
  • Capacity
    Electric hot water systems are rated by their delivery capacity if you are on an off peak electricity tariff a larger capacity water heater should be considered as your storage tank will only be heated once a day and it must be able to cater for a full days use, typically 250 litres or greater is recommended. For hot water heaters not connected to off peak electricity, smaller units are available ranging from 25 litres to 160 litres.

Choosing the right size or capacity water heating

When choosing from the Rheem electric hot water systems range, you need to choose the right size water heater for your household. This means you will need to consider how you use the hot water, for example:

  • How many bathrooms are in yourhome or how many people use hot water at the same time
  • How many adults and children live athome
  • As they can use a lot of hot water, how many of the children are teenagers?
  • Is there a dishwasher connected to the hot water supply?
  • Do you wash your clothes in hot water?
  • Do you have a larger than normal bath tub or spa that is filled using the hot water supply?

For a full range of Rheem electric hot water systems visit rheem.com.au